A Comprehensive Analytics and BI Overview


The analytics and business intelligence (BI) field is changing rapidly, and a key challenge for business analysts is coming up to speed on the terminology, tools and techniques in this fast-changing environment. Justin Simonds of the IIBA Orange County Chapter has generously shared this comprehensive overview of some of the common terminology and usage, Analytics 2017.

Justin outlines the rapidly changing market and data landscape, the limits of the data warehouse and clarifies where and how new database technologies and products like Hadoop and Data Lakes play a role. 


Justin then introduces the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) into what is now called Machine Learning and Deep Learning, with examples and links to demonstration videos. 


“Machine learning is basically a way for a computer to find the nuggets of information that a human can’t. Once you have your data and train and deploy your models, the machine can go through terabytes of data and get smarter and smarter—basically train itself—and ultimately make predictions for you.” - Fausto Ibarra, Director of Global Product Management for Google Cloud Platform

Justin closes with key take-aways for Business Analysts:

  • Analytics have become strategic to the business
  • BI is transitioning from IT-led system of record reporting to Business-led self-service analytics.

He recommends seven areas where BAs can help drive BI and Analytics. I encourage you to review the full presentation for these recommendations and more insights.
Download the presentation here.

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Submitted by Meri Gruber, IIBA Business Analytics SIG Co-Chair